Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Nearly exactly three months later 

Oh yeah it's been what it seems like forever since I have posted a blog entry and to me it hasn't really been that long since I've been pretty busy with college life and my side projects going on. I guess this blog deserves a recap on what's been going on and updated on progress of some things, so here I go:

Mozilla and blogspot.com
Well this problem seems to have faded away and I haven't ran into at all since the last time it involved with my blog so I guess everything is fixed now.

This project is still being worked on and doesn't have anything much that is new to show off to the general public just yet. Project site for this project is still http://sf.net/projects/phpmychangelog and will hopefully have a real site to call home to at http://phpmychangelog.sf.net until then all progress is shown at http://t2n.org/~tron/php/phpmychangelog/changelog.php.

vbBattleShip - Still 86% Complete?!
I basically gave up on the project at the end and I ended up getting an
A in the class at the end of the course anyway and I have to say spending
so much time and dedication into a Visual Basic application is a huge waste
of time that should be better spent on a project written in C++ or even java
maybe. :)

As it stands the complete VB6 source code of the game can be downloaded that is 939KBytes in size. Note that I will not support the project in anyway so don't come asking for any help of any kind related to this project.

Climax! Game Engine
The rumors are true! Well that is if there were any rumors about this that is that I am working on my very own OpenGL game engine written entirely in C++ and I plan on releasing it as LGPL because most open source game engines out there these days that are any good are licensed under the GPL and how can anybody create a game with those projects without having to hand over all their work they've done for them selves to be different and creative from the rest? Well they can't with the General Public Licensed engines, but they can with Lesser General Public Licensed engines!

You're wondering just what do I mean by that and here I explain. With a LGPL game engine you can use the engine's library by dynamically linking to it without any fear of having to release your game's source code, but with GPL you most certainly will have to worry because there is still a lot of debate about weather or not GPL permits non-GPL projects to use GPL'd projects as libraries without having to release the source code as GPL. That's my main reason for doing this and I know I am putting my project at risk of being stolen by commercial developers or corporations looking for a free ride. Well the thing about that is by the rules of the LGPL if ANYONE makes any changes to the library's source THEY MUST RELEASE THE CHANGES NO MATTER WHAT! You got that? Good. So if you dynamically link to the library and use it then no worry, but if you directly use the source in your projects or make modifications to the library's source to do whatever then you have to release the changes of the library or project in which you used the LGPL'd source code with. Rules are rules.

I will post some nice screen shots of the current state of the engine later and that's about it for now. Laters everyone! :)
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Friday, May 21, 2004

Its Friday! Still have a lot to do... 

Yeah... yeah... yeah... Taking me forever to post a new blog entry as usual. Here are my blog entry topics for today:

Mozilla and blogspot.com
I have begun to notice that Mozilla Firefox does not display correctly when viewing certain blogspot.com hosted blogs for some reason and I believe it has to due to how the web server responded in some way that catches Mozilla off guard or some reason or another. I have even noticed it happening when I try viewing my own blog and for some reason right when I republish my blog index it fixed it completely. So maybe it really has something to do with some conflict between cached web pages from blogspot and how it's web server responds to queries.

It's working for me now, my blog anyway.

Several days ago I have brought back alive an old PHP project that I did so long ago that I named phpMyChangeLog and that its main purpose was used at a job I use to have to easily maintain changelogs or project progress without much fuss. Well after while sitting on my hard drive collecting dust I have decided to bring it back alive and share it with the public, let them make additions to it, mod it to death, and hopefully make this project more complete than what it is now.

I currently have it temporarily running at http://t2n.org/~tron/php/phpmychangelog/ and working on it there whenever I need to take a break away from another project I'm working on which I will talk about that in the next topic. I've also taken the chance and registered over at SourceForge.net. I was lucky that the project name phpMyChangeLog wasn't taken yet. :)

So I now have http://sf.net/projects/phpmychangelog project page up and going with no files content as of yet. I am wanting to make phpMyChangeLog a bit more complete before I release it to the public. The changelog system written in PHP was originally going to be an add-on component to a quite large project management system written in PHP, but the company I was working for was very uninterested in that concept so I never wrote the main system for it and the changelog component was barely operational. So with that in mind I worked on it some on my spare time and got it working to the point where I could use it to dynamically alter or add new project updates to the changelog. Well I guess that is enough about phpMyChangeLog for now. :)

vbBattleShip - 86% Completed!
Yes, I am still working on this project and it takes time to even develop a simple game such as the old school board game of Battleship, except this time it will be two player only over the LAN or Internet using the LAN browser that it has built-in or grab current active games off the Internet tracker daemon I'm also working (that runs on Linux, has some Windows support which isn't recommended). I have the drawing routines completed, the ship placement and collision checking (keeps player from stacking ships on top of another) completed, and some networking routines that still need to be finished.

Overall it's going very well and I'm trying my best to have it completed by this coming week's Wendesday Night so that I'll have a grade for my final Visual Basic class project. Once I am finished with the game and all it's components I will be releasing the source code as open source under the General Public License. That's all I have to say about this project for now.

Services 'n Stuff: jabberd, ircd, and IPv6!
Oh man have I been busy for the past week or so not only working on my final VB and phpMyChangeLog projects, but also doing some networking related activities. Such as I recently got back on to the freenet6 IPv6 tunnel network so that I can have IPv6 connectivity which I sort of like playing around with, it's very neat, and got UnrealIRCd 3.2 release compiled and running over at irc.t2n.org.

I currently do not have any other services working with IPv6 yet since I haven't bothered to doing so. Also I am currently not running my jabberd server (usually at address t2n.org) because it has been running pretty unstable and I got tired of restarting it after it has closed out for some reason or another. Well T2N.org's IPv6 address is 3ffe:bc0:dda:1:0:0:0:1 and have a single ircd using it at this time. You might be wondering well how come you didn't try 6to4 IPv6 networking instead of tunneling? Well the thing is the router that keeps replying to the anycast queries has a broken link between its private IPv6 network and 6bone network, so it's basically a dead end there.

Well that's all for now and everybody have a good weekend!!!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Finally some gmail screen shots! 

Oh yeah here they are a few screen shots mainly in the order of process to having an account minus the actual sign-up form (couldn't fit in a screen shot). Also you might be wondering just why don't you do some HTML code dumps into pages so we can check it out for real? Well Google did something very clever by dynamically creating the pages on the fly using java and random hashes that make it nearly impossible to copy their web pages' source code. With some smarts and clever hacks of my own I could maybe pull it off, but I don't feel like trying since I've got other things I need to be doing hence the reason why I didn't get the screen shots posted right away along with my last blog posting.

Gmail offer on blogger

This is what I saw when I logged into my blogger account and of course hit 'YES' to apply for the beta program. These images here and here show off the two pages I had to go through in order to get to the sign-up page. Finally here is what it looks like. And yes that storage isn't exactly a gig as you would think since an exact gig is 1024MBytes. I believe this was done on purpose.

I hope you like the few screen shots I've done. I'll plan on doing some more before the weekend and I've also saved a text file of the User Agreement that gmail users have to agree to.
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Sunday, April 25, 2004

GMail offered and I said Yes! 

Today around 1:43PM (GMT -06:00) when I signed into blogger.com I was offered a chance to beta test the Google mail program and I was interested so I said Yes. I was told by a good friend of mine, Erik, that I should log into my blogger account and check out the new Gmail beta tester offer because it sounded pretty cool and he knew about it from the posting on Slashdot.

I'll post screenshots sometime later...
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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Everything is going to be OK! I finally made a blog posting... 

Yeah as usual I don't make a blog posting in days or sometimes weeks then finally make one. Well what can I say I've just been doing the same routine such as going to school at ITT-Tech, doing the college homework, and work on side projects of mine whenever I can. I'm also currently trying to get a job so I can afford the pleasures of life like pay my DSL line and build a replacement server machine. :)

I'm right now still working on my VB6 programming class final project which is a BattleShip game that I'm doing. Here real soon I will post some screen shots of it even though there isn't much to look at really and I got the networking code about 20% complete. Yep I'm implementing somewhat multi-player support into it since I only want it to be a two player game and that's about it since I do not want to implement A.I. logic into the game because that would be too much work involved.

I plan on this weekend to continue finishing up the Go Project site so that'll be a lot more functional for those of you who actually use the thing. Well that's about it and I hope you had fun on April Fools day cause I know I didn't do anything special. ;)
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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dude you got screwed... A bedtime story 

Once upon a time a guy that's a complete noob (not a newbie, this guy is a lot worse) when it comes to computers turned on his machine and decided he would download his goat porn. And well he ran into some problems which turned out to be massive reboots, slight error messages when booting up (Wiznogoes, go figure?), and the computer no longer makes it's love churp to him upon POST. So he decided to make a big error in judgement by blaming it all on his poor little download software called BitTorrent and he made a mistake of looking like an idiot that just returned from a mental hospital.

--- THE END ---

Kids, the moral of the story is that you never ever download goat porn... I mean to be sure to always run anti-virus scanner on files that you download and don't use Windows (well at least try not to). If you must then please... please!!! Do NOT use IE nor Outlook [Express] programs. Instead use alternatives and help keep the Internet clean by not downloading goat porn.

Man that guy got owned by a trojan or something. ;)
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm still alive... 

Long time no blog! I've been busy working on my side projects at home and college work at ITT-Tech. Amoung my projects are is a BattleShip game done in Visual Basic 6 for a final project in the VB6 programming class I'm in at ITT-Tech which is going pretty well since I've got the networking basics down pretty well for the game and hopfully will have a decent beta to show off with screen shots here on the blog. I also won't be doing those interesting news stories anymore since that got boring pretty quick and it's best that you check out the postings at Slashdot yourself rather than me writing up an excerpt.

Other projects that I've been doing are the Go Project and a IRC client and Windows Explorer clone which are both using wxWidgets (formally known as wxWindows) which is a great cross platform GUI toolset (the best in my opinion). Speaking of GUI components a friend of mine good ole Logikal came across a very neat web-based WYSIWYG editor using just java script and it works not only in Internet Explorer, but also in Mozilla (Galeon, Firefox/Firebird, Netscape) too. It might even work in Opera as well (I haven't tried it yet) and as I said before it's very neat. Not to mention it's also free (not as in beer either) as well you could say it is open source since it's using the BSD (or BSD-based anyway) license.

In other news I've also have been successfully running a jabber server as realm t2n.org for the past few weeks. Sure it crashs from time to time, but that's easily fixed by a cron job to check on it every once in a while. ;)

Welp that's about it for now, blog ya later.
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