Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dude you got screwed... A bedtime story 

Once upon a time a guy that's a complete noob (not a newbie, this guy is a lot worse) when it comes to computers turned on his machine and decided he would download his goat porn. And well he ran into some problems which turned out to be massive reboots, slight error messages when booting up (Wiznogoes, go figure?), and the computer no longer makes it's love churp to him upon POST. So he decided to make a big error in judgement by blaming it all on his poor little download software called BitTorrent and he made a mistake of looking like an idiot that just returned from a mental hospital.

--- THE END ---

Kids, the moral of the story is that you never ever download goat porn... I mean to be sure to always run anti-virus scanner on files that you download and don't use Windows (well at least try not to). If you must then please... please!!! Do NOT use IE nor Outlook [Express] programs. Instead use alternatives and help keep the Internet clean by not downloading goat porn.

Man that guy got owned by a trojan or something. ;)
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm still alive... 

Long time no blog! I've been busy working on my side projects at home and college work at ITT-Tech. Amoung my projects are is a BattleShip game done in Visual Basic 6 for a final project in the VB6 programming class I'm in at ITT-Tech which is going pretty well since I've got the networking basics down pretty well for the game and hopfully will have a decent beta to show off with screen shots here on the blog. I also won't be doing those interesting news stories anymore since that got boring pretty quick and it's best that you check out the postings at Slashdot yourself rather than me writing up an excerpt.

Other projects that I've been doing are the Go Project and a IRC client and Windows Explorer clone which are both using wxWidgets (formally known as wxWindows) which is a great cross platform GUI toolset (the best in my opinion). Speaking of GUI components a friend of mine good ole Logikal came across a very neat web-based WYSIWYG editor using just java script and it works not only in Internet Explorer, but also in Mozilla (Galeon, Firefox/Firebird, Netscape) too. It might even work in Opera as well (I haven't tried it yet) and as I said before it's very neat. Not to mention it's also free (not as in beer either) as well you could say it is open source since it's using the BSD (or BSD-based anyway) license.

In other news I've also have been successfully running a jabber server as realm t2n.org for the past few weeks. Sure it crashs from time to time, but that's easily fixed by a cron job to check on it every once in a while. ;)

Welp that's about it for now, blog ya later.
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Friday, March 12, 2004

It works! Sort of.... 

I finally got my jabber server working, but it seems it likes to crash from time to time just because a client quits when it doesn't expect it to. Anyway my jabber server's address is t2n.org and SSL connections are NOT working (a bug with the server). My contact is tron@t2n.org and server is listening on the standard TCP port of 5222. Enjoy while you can.
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I'm still alive! 

Sorry for not posting anything for the past day and half I've been feeling like crap and trying to get a Jabber server working to play with on my Debian Linux machine. Once I get it up and running like I need it to I'll open it up for public use and see how well it goes. :)

I've also been working on a BattleShip game in Visual Basic language so I can get my skills up to speed because I haven't touched VB in nearly two years about the same time I last touched vbIRCd. The BattleShip game won't be in 3D or something very cool with any graphical action, it'll just be a basic grid display battleship game practically like those java ones you see out on the net except mine will have networking support so you can play with a friend over the LAN or on the Internet. Which also means I won't bother putting in computer AI for single player gaming unless I completely get the thing done as I wanted it to and have some free time to work on it more. Reason why I am getting up to speed with VB (Visual Basic) is because this upcoming second quarter of college I'm taking a programming class which is "teaching" Visual Basic (Yeah right like I actually need it. From what I've seen of the books I could teach it the correct way. Yeah the books do contain the wrong way of programming by at least 70% of it).

Anyway I'm asleep.... I mean alive and I'll try to keep you all posted. :P
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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday's Top News Stories... So far 

Tonight's top most interesting (in my opinion) news stories so for. As all of the stories are talked about on Slashdot I've picked the most interesting:

Comcast Cuts Infected PCs' Network Connections
An article at InfoWorld is reporting that Comcast cable internet service provider is doing something about infected machines with viruses and trojans, especially ones being used as open spam relays to deliver spam, by basically taking them off their network and keeping them off until the machines' owners resolve the problem themselves. I know it sounds harsh and very annoying, if not frustrating, to those poor customers. But hey somebody has to do something about it if you're not responsible enough to ensure that your machine stays clean then the ISP should step in and ensure you're no longer apart of the "information super-highway" which keeps your machine(s) from pestering ours.

Apple Sued in France for iPod Music Royalties
Apple Computer, Inc is being threatened by France association representing recorded music rights holders to sue Apple for not paying royalty fines that require any vendor using hard drives and/or blank disc media for their products to compensate the artists and rights owners just in case they're used to pirate music. Basically what Canada is doing right now too with blank disc media and even hard drives? The bottom line is Apple isn't forking over the crash to pay off their "debt". Maybe Apple will raise the price of those already expensive ipods to compensate them when they compensate the French recorded music rights holders association, if they ever do pay up, well of course they will.

Four Big ISPs File Six Anti-Spam Suits
More spam busting action going on as four major ISP have filed six lawsuits against spammers under the CAN-SPAM law. The companies are Microsoft(MSN?), America Online, Earthlink and Yahoo. I'll leave the rest of the details to your reading pleasure of visiting the link. ;)

Pixar Switches to Mac OS X and G5s
I bet Steve Jobs is happy knowing that Pixar is officially moving their workstations over to the Apple G5 and we all knew it was coming since a rumor was running around on the net saying that the only reason why Steve Jobs wanted so much power into the Apple G5s is so he could have new toys for Pixar. I hope Pixar enjoys their new toys and I cannot wait until AMD Athlon 64bit systems are actually affordable. :P

New Net Battle Over ".mobile" Looming
Just when we though we had enough Top-Level domains on the net today, a joint group of Nokia, Vodafone, and Microsoft have applied for the ".mobile" mTLD. Plus the fact that another group apparently have been trying this about a year ago before Nokia, Vodafone, and Microsoft's attempt and it might become an ugly fight. The whole business of trying to get a dedicated TLD for mobile devices is because they cannot process information like web sites like normal computers can (no duh), but the funny thing is won't cell phones end up just like current PDAs were they're becoming so powerful that they are easily comparable to the old top of the line i586 PCs? If so then this whole plan is pointless and basically just another scheme to make more money off of nothing.

An Anti-DoS Tool That Returns Fire
"Security company Symbiot is about to launch a product that can help companies fight back during a DDoS or hacker attack by launching their own counter offensive. A ZDNet UK story quotes security "experts" questioning the legality of such a product and asking how it will will avoid being fooled by hijacked PCs and spoofed IP addresses..." I have to say that is the most dumbiest thing you could ever do is to return fire during a DoS attach and doing so will most likely tick off your ISP. Plus the fact when being DoS'd your servers are replying back out using up your bandwidth, so it's a real useless attempt to try to fire back. The best thing you could ever do during a DoS attach is to DROP those packets.

U.S. Army Warns Microsoft To Back Off
Apparently the U.S. Army dropped their wallet on the side walk and Microsoft attempted to pick it up when they looked up and noticed big guns pointed right at them, and was told to back off the wallet or die. OK sad pathetic joke I know, anyway the real story is that Microsoft has been giving away free MS Office discs in post mail and well the U.S. Army did not like that at all. The reason being the U.S. Army doesn't allow that is because they have a ethics code which all employees go by which is when you get right down to it no more than $20 max (in value) of a gift per occasion and no more than $50 per year total from a single entity, or something like that. You get the idea.

Real Sues Baseball Over Windows Media
RealNetworks is suing Major League Baseball because Real feels that MLB should carry RealPlayer streams with Windows Media streams. Maybe it's really about a contract gone bad since it was revised? Becides why in the world would anyone want to play RealPlayer streams? It's awful, really awful... and Real just needs to get a life and realize that "Hey, you suck Real!".

That's about it for tonight I guess unless something else shows up on slashdot tonight or tomorrow morning. Nothing like ending a news post after bashing RealNetworks. :D
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I'm going to bed... But wait a minute what's this? 

Alright I was about to head to bed right when I hit refresh in my browser on Slashdot and noticed a very odd posting that read "Recovering Secret HD Space: The Inquirer has posted a method of getting massive amounts of hard drive space (link fixed) from your current drive. Supposedly by following the steps outlined, they have gotten 150GB from an 80GB EIDE drive, 510GB from a 200GB SATA drive and so on.' Could this be true? I'm not about to try with my hard drive.".

Really... I wouldn't try that on any of my hard drives that I wanted to keep in working order. When I first saw this I thought it was just another joke floating around on Slashdot, but then again it isn't April fools just yet. Basically what happened is, like many people on Slashdot have noted and even a dear friend of mine on ICQ (logikal), that the partition table will become corrupted to the point that it reports the wrong free space or partitions overlap giving you three times more space than what you actually have when you pull that stunt with Norton Ghost. Can you actually believe to get 510GB of free space from a 200GB hard drive? I think not.

Anyway, now I am going to bed to sleep and wake up in about nine hours from now as usual. I need sleep so badly my fingers are refusing to press another ke[Connection reset by finger].
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tuesday's Top News Stories... So far 

Tonight's top most interesting (in my opinion) news stories so for. As most of the stories are talked about on Slashdot I've picked the most interesting:

New HP Drive Lets You Burn Your Own Label
It looks like HP created a drive that uses the same laser used to burn DVD-ROMs to burn a label on the label side of the disc with any monochrome or grayscale image you like. The catch is that you would be required to use a special kind of CD to burn the label on to. Well I don't know about you, but I'll be sure to stick with the normal CD label stickers.

The Command Line - Best Newbie Interface?
A contributor of OSNews.com, Richard Wareham, has posted an essay describing results about how the command line is a better choice to learn than a Graphical User Interface (GUI). I, for one, agree with Mr. Wareham since I enjoy entering commands into a terminal on Linux than having to go jump through hoops to simply move files around or edit a daemon configuration file. Note that the essay is four pages long, yikes.

Playstation 3 Already Won the Next Gen Battle?
The BBC has an article that basically claims the Sony's Playstation 3 has already won the battle for the best console of next generation gaming consoles. I believe so too since Microsoft first of all announced that the XBox 2 won't be having a hard drive and they still won't announce the complete official specification of their console, and Nintendo's last big hit was the N64, so the gamecube wasn't that great, and I doubt it'll come up with anything better than Microsoft or Sony anytime soon with in the next five years. That's all I have to say for now on this matter.

US Government Upgrades RAM
Techworld has an article that reports the U.S. Government spent $4.7 million for 2.5TB (TeraBytes) of RAM (they got a discount for buying in bulk?) for usage in their tax return handling machines? Here is a quote from the article:
"A RamSan 320 unit holds up to 64GB of RAM in a 3U rack unit. The US government order is housed in three full height rack units. There are over 320 2Gbit/s Fibre Channel ports and the aggregate I/O rate is 36Gbit/s. That is some serious hardware."
Yes some serious hardware indeed and so much for Bill Gates' "640K ought to be enough for anybody." theory right out the window or Windows. ;)

Kodak Sues Sony Over Digital Camera Patents
A Reuters article is reporting about Kodak is currently only going after Sony because the company is using ten of Kodak's patents without permission and maybe other digital camera vendors have paid their toll fee or got granted permission? Who knows. The slashdot posting also noted about more info from Bloomberg article.

And Finally an update about Viacom vs. Dish Network! Sort of:

Echostar/Dish Network Pulls Viacom Channels
Today Viacom's channels have been officially taken off of Dish Network and I bet Dish Network's subscribers aren't too happy about it either. Apparently a contract deal didn't come to an agreement between the two parties and no word yet on when it should become resolved. Also EchoStar (the company behind Dish Network) will credit Dish Network subscribers one dollar (USD) per month for programming outage. I don't know about you, but a dollar per month credit for missing programming doesn't work with me especially when the programming package at least costs $25 a month. All I can say now is that... bittorrent forever!

I hope you enjoyed my little news reporting on my blog since I had nothing more interesting to post about and anything more interesting comes up I'll post again tonight. But of course I'll post when it's my bed time, why not? ;)
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I'm going to bed... I'll update Viacom vs. DishNet first 

It's very late at night and I'm going to bed. Oh yeah, the greatest blog posting of all time that says I'm going to bed. Man am I pathetic at this blogging activity or what? I'll try to have something interesting to blog about tonight this evening or whenever I get up.

=== News update, before I head to bed. ===
The Viacom vs. Dish Network problem (WARNING: Don't click link if you're using a cell phone) looks like it wasn't resolved in time and now we get a peek at what the end result was. Apparently Dish Network customers... ahem... subscribers aren't going to be happy when they flip on the tube in the morning to watch their family daily morning cartoons on Nick.

Like I actually care I'm a DirecTV subscriber and I enjoy it. Plus when I really want to watch my favorite TV shows like StarTrek: Enterprise I download from bittorrent and enjoy it in nice decent HDTV quality on my computer monitor which is by far better than watching it on TV. Oh did I menchen no commericials on those downloaded episodes? ;)

Good night all, I'm tired and lack brain activity...
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Welcome to my sad attempt of a weblog for my own personal use and enjoyment. Yes I named this blog after my appearance of typos that come up every now and then, especially when I don't proof read before posting. :)
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