Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Dude you got screwed... A bedtime story 

Once upon a time a guy that's a complete noob (not a newbie, this guy is a lot worse) when it comes to computers turned on his machine and decided he would download his goat porn. And well he ran into some problems which turned out to be massive reboots, slight error messages when booting up (Wiznogoes, go figure?), and the computer no longer makes it's love churp to him upon POST. So he decided to make a big error in judgement by blaming it all on his poor little download software called BitTorrent and he made a mistake of looking like an idiot that just returned from a mental hospital.

--- THE END ---

Kids, the moral of the story is that you never ever download goat porn... I mean to be sure to always run anti-virus scanner on files that you download and don't use Windows (well at least try not to). If you must then please... please!!! Do NOT use IE nor Outlook [Express] programs. Instead use alternatives and help keep the Internet clean by not downloading goat porn.

Man that guy got owned by a trojan or something. ;)

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