Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I'm going to bed... But wait a minute what's this? 

Alright I was about to head to bed right when I hit refresh in my browser on Slashdot and noticed a very odd posting that read "Recovering Secret HD Space: The Inquirer has posted a method of getting massive amounts of hard drive space (link fixed) from your current drive. Supposedly by following the steps outlined, they have gotten 150GB from an 80GB EIDE drive, 510GB from a 200GB SATA drive and so on.' Could this be true? I'm not about to try with my hard drive.".

Really... I wouldn't try that on any of my hard drives that I wanted to keep in working order. When I first saw this I thought it was just another joke floating around on Slashdot, but then again it isn't April fools just yet. Basically what happened is, like many people on Slashdot have noted and even a dear friend of mine on ICQ (logikal), that the partition table will become corrupted to the point that it reports the wrong free space or partitions overlap giving you three times more space than what you actually have when you pull that stunt with Norton Ghost. Can you actually believe to get 510GB of free space from a 200GB hard drive? I think not.

Anyway, now I am going to bed to sleep and wake up in about nine hours from now as usual. I need sleep so badly my fingers are refusing to press another ke[Connection reset by finger].

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