Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm going to bed... I'll update Viacom vs. DishNet first 

It's very late at night and I'm going to bed. Oh yeah, the greatest blog posting of all time that says I'm going to bed. Man am I pathetic at this blogging activity or what? I'll try to have something interesting to blog about tonight this evening or whenever I get up.

=== News update, before I head to bed. ===
The Viacom vs. Dish Network problem (WARNING: Don't click link if you're using a cell phone) looks like it wasn't resolved in time and now we get a peek at what the end result was. Apparently Dish Network customers... ahem... subscribers aren't going to be happy when they flip on the tube in the morning to watch their family daily morning cartoons on Nick.

Like I actually care I'm a DirecTV subscriber and I enjoy it. Plus when I really want to watch my favorite TV shows like StarTrek: Enterprise I download from bittorrent and enjoy it in nice decent HDTV quality on my computer monitor which is by far better than watching it on TV. Oh did I menchen no commericials on those downloaded episodes? ;)

Good night all, I'm tired and lack brain activity...

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