Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm still alive... 

Long time no blog! I've been busy working on my side projects at home and college work at ITT-Tech. Amoung my projects are is a BattleShip game done in Visual Basic 6 for a final project in the VB6 programming class I'm in at ITT-Tech which is going pretty well since I've got the networking basics down pretty well for the game and hopfully will have a decent beta to show off with screen shots here on the blog. I also won't be doing those interesting news stories anymore since that got boring pretty quick and it's best that you check out the postings at Slashdot yourself rather than me writing up an excerpt.

Other projects that I've been doing are the Go Project and a IRC client and Windows Explorer clone which are both using wxWidgets (formally known as wxWindows) which is a great cross platform GUI toolset (the best in my opinion). Speaking of GUI components a friend of mine good ole Logikal came across a very neat web-based WYSIWYG editor using just java script and it works not only in Internet Explorer, but also in Mozilla (Galeon, Firefox/Firebird, Netscape) too. It might even work in Opera as well (I haven't tried it yet) and as I said before it's very neat. Not to mention it's also free (not as in beer either) as well you could say it is open source since it's using the BSD (or BSD-based anyway) license.

In other news I've also have been successfully running a jabber server as realm t2n.org for the past few weeks. Sure it crashs from time to time, but that's easily fixed by a cron job to check on it every once in a while. ;)

Welp that's about it for now, blog ya later.

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