Friday, March 12, 2004

I'm still alive! 

Sorry for not posting anything for the past day and half I've been feeling like crap and trying to get a Jabber server working to play with on my Debian Linux machine. Once I get it up and running like I need it to I'll open it up for public use and see how well it goes. :)

I've also been working on a BattleShip game in Visual Basic language so I can get my skills up to speed because I haven't touched VB in nearly two years about the same time I last touched vbIRCd. The BattleShip game won't be in 3D or something very cool with any graphical action, it'll just be a basic grid display battleship game practically like those java ones you see out on the net except mine will have networking support so you can play with a friend over the LAN or on the Internet. Which also means I won't bother putting in computer AI for single player gaming unless I completely get the thing done as I wanted it to and have some free time to work on it more. Reason why I am getting up to speed with VB (Visual Basic) is because this upcoming second quarter of college I'm taking a programming class which is "teaching" Visual Basic (Yeah right like I actually need it. From what I've seen of the books I could teach it the correct way. Yeah the books do contain the wrong way of programming by at least 70% of it).

Anyway I'm asleep.... I mean alive and I'll try to keep you all posted. :P

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