Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Everything is going to be OK! I finally made a blog posting... 

Yeah as usual I don't make a blog posting in days or sometimes weeks then finally make one. Well what can I say I've just been doing the same routine such as going to school at ITT-Tech, doing the college homework, and work on side projects of mine whenever I can. I'm also currently trying to get a job so I can afford the pleasures of life like pay my DSL line and build a replacement server machine. :)

I'm right now still working on my VB6 programming class final project which is a BattleShip game that I'm doing. Here real soon I will post some screen shots of it even though there isn't much to look at really and I got the networking code about 20% complete. Yep I'm implementing somewhat multi-player support into it since I only want it to be a two player game and that's about it since I do not want to implement A.I. logic into the game because that would be too much work involved.

I plan on this weekend to continue finishing up the Go Project site so that'll be a lot more functional for those of you who actually use the thing. Well that's about it and I hope you had fun on April Fools day cause I know I didn't do anything special. ;)

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