Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Finally some gmail screen shots! 

Oh yeah here they are a few screen shots mainly in the order of process to having an account minus the actual sign-up form (couldn't fit in a screen shot). Also you might be wondering just why don't you do some HTML code dumps into pages so we can check it out for real? Well Google did something very clever by dynamically creating the pages on the fly using java and random hashes that make it nearly impossible to copy their web pages' source code. With some smarts and clever hacks of my own I could maybe pull it off, but I don't feel like trying since I've got other things I need to be doing hence the reason why I didn't get the screen shots posted right away along with my last blog posting.

Gmail offer on blogger

This is what I saw when I logged into my blogger account and of course hit 'YES' to apply for the beta program. These images here and here show off the two pages I had to go through in order to get to the sign-up page. Finally here is what it looks like. And yes that storage isn't exactly a gig as you would think since an exact gig is 1024MBytes. I believe this was done on purpose.

I hope you like the few screen shots I've done. I'll plan on doing some more before the weekend and I've also saved a text file of the User Agreement that gmail users have to agree to.

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