Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Nearly exactly three months later 

Oh yeah it's been what it seems like forever since I have posted a blog entry and to me it hasn't really been that long since I've been pretty busy with college life and my side projects going on. I guess this blog deserves a recap on what's been going on and updated on progress of some things, so here I go:

Mozilla and blogspot.com
Well this problem seems to have faded away and I haven't ran into at all since the last time it involved with my blog so I guess everything is fixed now.

This project is still being worked on and doesn't have anything much that is new to show off to the general public just yet. Project site for this project is still http://sf.net/projects/phpmychangelog and will hopefully have a real site to call home to at http://phpmychangelog.sf.net until then all progress is shown at http://t2n.org/~tron/php/phpmychangelog/changelog.php.

vbBattleShip - Still 86% Complete?!
I basically gave up on the project at the end and I ended up getting an
A in the class at the end of the course anyway and I have to say spending
so much time and dedication into a Visual Basic application is a huge waste
of time that should be better spent on a project written in C++ or even java
maybe. :)

As it stands the complete VB6 source code of the game can be downloaded that is 939KBytes in size. Note that I will not support the project in anyway so don't come asking for any help of any kind related to this project.

Climax! Game Engine
The rumors are true! Well that is if there were any rumors about this that is that I am working on my very own OpenGL game engine written entirely in C++ and I plan on releasing it as LGPL because most open source game engines out there these days that are any good are licensed under the GPL and how can anybody create a game with those projects without having to hand over all their work they've done for them selves to be different and creative from the rest? Well they can't with the General Public Licensed engines, but they can with Lesser General Public Licensed engines!

You're wondering just what do I mean by that and here I explain. With a LGPL game engine you can use the engine's library by dynamically linking to it without any fear of having to release your game's source code, but with GPL you most certainly will have to worry because there is still a lot of debate about weather or not GPL permits non-GPL projects to use GPL'd projects as libraries without having to release the source code as GPL. That's my main reason for doing this and I know I am putting my project at risk of being stolen by commercial developers or corporations looking for a free ride. Well the thing about that is by the rules of the LGPL if ANYONE makes any changes to the library's source THEY MUST RELEASE THE CHANGES NO MATTER WHAT! You got that? Good. So if you dynamically link to the library and use it then no worry, but if you directly use the source in your projects or make modifications to the library's source to do whatever then you have to release the changes of the library or project in which you used the LGPL'd source code with. Rules are rules.

I will post some nice screen shots of the current state of the engine later and that's about it for now. Laters everyone! :)

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